List of the best locations in Toronto for outdoor photo shoots

Downtown Toronto

Style: Street, Modern, Architectural
Free for outdoor photography.


Walk through the city centre, which includes several locations. Walking photo shoot during which we capture the waterfront, historic buildings and, of course, CN Tower and Flatiron Building.

Scarborough Bluffs Park

Style: Romantic, Casual, Elegant
Free for outdoor photography.


Majestic cliffs towering above Lake Ontario, offering breathtaking views and stunning backdrops for your next photoshoot. Explore the rugged beauty of nature and capture unforgettable moments against the backdrop of these iconic geological formations.

Music Garden/Waterfront

Style: Street, Romantic, Casual, Elegant
Free for outdoor photography.

Walk along the waterfront and in the beautiful green Music Garden of Toronto. Ontario views, and yachts combine with nature.

Ontario Place/Trillium Park

Style: Romantic, Casual, Elegant
Free for outdoor photography.

This park has a scenic view of downtown Toronto and CN Tower. Green lawns, as well as the Ontario waterfront, give this location a unique charm. 

For photo shoots of more than 1 hour, the option to combine with Exhibition Place is also available. 

Exhibition Place

Style: Romantic,Architectural, Elegant
Free for outdoor photography.


Exhibition Place is a beautiful, historic place with picturesque Princess gates, fountains and a green area nearby. 

Also, for more than 1-hour photo shoots, there is an option to continue the photo shoot in Trillium Park.
Trillium Park

Ontario coast

Style: Romantic, Airy, Vivid
Free for outdoor photography.


Sunsets and dawn on the coast of Ontario are always a romantic and fabulous idea for a photo shoot. There is something magical about shooting on the shore of Ontario.

University of Toronto

Style: Architectural, Elegant
Free for outdoor photography.


Territory of the  University of Toronto is a historic legacy. Magnificent buildings, landscaping, and the historical spirit of the location make you hold your breath and enjoy.

High park and green areas

Style: Casual, Vivid, Airy, Romantic
Free for outdoor photography.


High Park and any green parks in Toronto are the perfect locations for romantic photoshoots in nature. Soak up the sun, breathe fresh air, and feel the unity with nature. Such photo shoots are beautiful in any season.

Marie Curtis Park

Style: Casual, Vivid, Airy, Romantic
Free for outdoor photography.


The rugged coastline meets lush greenery. Perfect for your photoshoot, immerse yourself in the stunning natural vistas and capture moments of tranquility against the backdrop of Lake Ontario's sparkling waters

Distillery District

Style: Romantic,Architectural, Elegant, Street

Distillery district photo permit is $250 for up to 2hrs

Distillery District is a historical location with many photo spots: pleasant colours, the atmosphere of the city and your precious memories.

Spadina Museum

Style: Romantic,Architectural, Elegant, Classic

Exterior: $150/hour; Interior/Exterior: $250/hour

The historic manor is an excellent location for a photo shoot. Here, you can combine a natural photo and a view of the museum building. 

Rooftop with view on CN Tower

Style: Modern, Hipster, Picturesque
Free for outdoor photography.

Picturesque view of the city centre from the roof of the parking lot. The best times for a photo shoot are morning and evening. 


Style: Modern, Stylish, Urban, Street
Free for outdoor photography.

Rich in diverse locations area with beautiful shops. Photo session walking type will be a comfortable solution for stylish photos.

Toronto Islands

Style: Casual, Vivid, Airy, Romantic

It is a massive area with scenic nature and views of Toronto.You should use the ferry to be on the islands. The best time for a photo shoot is sunset and early morning.

Kariya Park

Style: Casual, Vivid, Airy, Romantic
Free for outdoor photography.

Nestled in the heart of Mississauga, Kariya Park offers a serene escape for photographers. With lush greenery, a tranquil pond, and elegant Japanese-inspired architecture, it's a picture-perfect backdrop. From blooming cherry blossoms to autumn foliage, every season brings new inspiration.